Local News 20th March 2017

Chance of showers today, 32

Local News 20th March 2017

There will be a further review to look into how water recovery and the Murray Darling Basin Plan has affected rural communities this one of the agreed upon tasks coming away from Friday’s ministerial council with state and federal water ministers in Mildura.

The review has been welcomed by farming lobby groups, irrigators and environmentalists who want to see the best possible outcome for river communities with a big concern for the socio-economic impact.

A man has faced court after he was arrested in the Murray River on the New South Wales and Victorian border.

On Friday police engaged in a pursuit with an alleged stolen motorcycle travelling West along Renmark Rd, Wentworth.

Once the offender reached the boat ramp it's believed he dropped the bike - removed his helmet and jumped in the water attempting to swim away from police.

Police commandeered a nearby boat and arrested the 36 year old Dareton man in the water.

He was refused bail in court Saturday and is due to reappear in Broken Hill Local Court today.

The State-wide crime statistics comparing the calendar years of 2015 to 2016 have come out.

Mildura has had an 5.9 per cent increase in total offences there's been an alarming 100 per cent rise in Abduction and related offences and a 71 per cent rise in public nuisance offences

Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp says an increase in arrests doesn't necessarily mean more crimes are being committed.

Alarming statistics have seen Australia's Suicide Rate rocket to its highest level for 13 years prompting a push for more funds to tackle the crisis locally.

In 2015 more than 8 lives were lost every day to suicide and unless we start talking about it in regional communities like ours experts say the numbers will only continue to rise

Postvention Australia's Alan Staines says we need to move forward as a community when it comes to talking about suicide.

Making local sport:

Mildura West have made 156 to defeat Mildura East on 90 in the Sunraysia Cricket Association Semi Finals over the weekend.

The Settlers 6 for 186 defeated Workers Gol Gol on 185.

With a West versus Settlers grand final on the board next weekend.