Local News 17th January 2017

Today is a Total Fire Ban day

Local News 17th January 2017

The Mallee has been declared a total fire ban area today as temperatures are expected to sour into the 40s.

Operations Manager at Ambulance Victoria Paul Holman advises Sunraysia residents to stay inside and drink plenty of water.

The 63 year old Mildura man arrested during police raids last week amid concerns over the sale of synthetic cannabis has been released uncharged.

Police are awaiting the results of the substances seized during the warranted searches.

The sale of synthetic cannabis is treated as a priority due to mental health problems that can arise from using it.

The Mallee Catchment Management Authority is asking Sunraysia residents to have their say on a local floodplain management strategy.

A regional planning document is being developed this year to guide future investment priorities.

Community members and stakeholders are encouraged to provide advice on local flood risks, important infrastructure and mitigation options via an online survey.

The survey can be accessed via survey monkey by searching Mallee flood risks.

A local man is hoping to change the worlds transportation. Mildura's Matt O'Callaghan and a team of RMIT students have created what's called a Hyperloop pod as part of a worldwide competition.

It's a new form of ground transport where a small pod shoots through a vacuum like tube at the speed of sound.

Up against odds the team have beat out more than one thousand other competitors and will take part in trials in California next month.

Matt says the competition came up at the perfect time when he was stuck on choosing a career path

A Go Fund Me account has been set up under Matt's name for locals to support the VicHyper team in getting to the US.

In sport:

Mildura tennis star, Laicy Rogerson has been awarded the annual Phil Lancaster Tennis Scholarship at the Mildura Lawn Tennis Club over the weekend.
Laicy will receive professional coaching and tennis opportunities abroad in the US .