Local News 10th February 2017

Yesterday Mildura reached a top of 46.3

Local News 10th February 2017

The three men involved in the violent bashing of a young man in Mildura two years ago will have to wait even longer to learn their fate.

Riley Allen, Ashley Kempton and Daniel Adolph were back in court yesterday their lawyers urging the judge not to send the young men to jail.

The men have all pleaded guilty to recklessly causing harm to Jaidan Brook back in July 2015.

In court yesterday Kempton apologised to the victim and his family - saying he was disgusted with himself and his actions.

Judge Michael Bourke has adjourned the sentencing for 2 weeks.

Today's scorching temperatures have health officials issuing warnings across the Sunraysia to be aware of the dangers the heat poses.

The Weather Bureau says the mercury across our region will be running at well over 40 for the next few days placing the elderly, infirm and infants at the highest risk.

Yesterday Mildura reached a top of 46.3.

A new bridge to be built for Johns Way has been valued to cost around 1 million dollars.

Karadoc and Johns Way residents were cut-off from the mainland back in November when the outlet creek flooded and they don't want to see it happen again.

The Sunraysia Daily reports residents met with construction company Forbes Wilson Group who gave them the ballpark figure for a new bridge.

Mildura Council Mayor Glenn Milne says the next step will be for residents to apply for funding from the council.

Applications are open for the 2017 National Indigenous Youth Parliament program until March 3rd.

6 young indigenous Australians from each state will be selected for the program that runs in May

Central west residents are encouraged to apply and previous participant Angel Towney says its open for anyone between 16 and 25.

In local sport.

Local cricketers will enter round 12 of the 1 division competition this Saturday.

Top team Mildura West will play second on the Ladder Workers Gol Gol.

And Nichols point will look to face Mildura East.