A new scam makes it's way across Sunraysia..

Callers targeting the elderly!

A new scam makes it's way across Sunraysia..

The ACCC has issued a warning to Sunraysia after receiving reports people are being scammed by fraudsters pretending to work for the NBN Company.


We're being reminded NBN Co is a wholesaler, and no company in Australia uses iTunes gift cards as a payment method.


If you get a call about switching over to the NBN in the near future, make sure you're dealing with a legitimate company.


Because so many Sunraysia locals are swapping over the NBN as it rolls out in our region – with the consumer watchdog ACCC warning potential buyers they need to be aware of the current scam going around.


People most vulnerable to losing their personal information and money are in the older generations; who may not have enough technology knowledge to tell if it's a legitimate call about fast broadband or not.


Deputy Chair of the ACCC Delia Rickard says fraudsters want access to our personal information and computers.


If you or anyone you know receives a call like this, hang up and call Crimestoppers.