Council votes to consider raising Koombana Footbridge

This could cost quite a bit!

Bunbury City Council agreed at Tuesday night’s Council meeting to further explore the option of raising the Koombana Footbridge.

The bridge was recently removed as part of the Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront project and was to be replaced with a new structure engineered to remain at its current height.

Inlet user groups have voiced their concerns since the removal of the footbridge asking that it be raised citing safety concerns and possible tourism potential for boats to visit the inlet.

City officers will now seek detailed designs to raise the bridge 600mm as well as the option to raise the bridge 1400mm which is the same height as the Koombana Drive traffic bridge.

The financial impact will also be detailed before being presented back to Council for a final decision.

Mayor Gary Brennan said Council had listened to community concerns over the height of the footbridge and would now wait for the full report before moving forward.

“This is a responsible decision by Council as previous costings for raising the bridge were based on conceptual designs.” Mr Brennan said.

“By providing detailed drawings, and hence more-accurate costings, Council will be able to make a well-informed decision in regard to this matter.”

As part of this process, the City will continued to engage with all user groups in the lead up to a final recommendation being provided to Council in two to four weeks for consideration.