Rocks Used to Target Police Cars and Tow Trucks

children as young as seven involved

Rocks Used to Target Police Cars and Tow Trucks QPS

Rocks and other objects have been thrown at Police cars and a tow truck driver driving through Cherbourg.

The incident happened on Friday night, resulting in three officers being left with minor injuries and a car with a smashed window.

A large group of people has been seen on video via social media throwing the rocks and abusing officers.

Up to 100 juveniles are responsible for the attack, among them were children as young as seven-years-old.

Police Inspector Mike Curtin described the attack in which three officers were injured as "disgusting".

Rocks were hurled at police cars after police took chase of a stolen vehicle. 

Three female officers received minor injuries with one being punched in the back of the head and another had a rock thrown at the back of her head.

Kingaroy Senior Sgt David Tierney says he won't tolerate attacks on any of his officers or their property and they'll be finding those responsible.

There have been ten arrests so far with more expected.


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