Mandatory Diabetes Testing Across the South Burnett

Diabetes Qld pushing for more testing

Mandatory Diabetes Testing Across the South Burnett

Diabetes Queensland is pushing for more diabetes testing across the South Burnett and are putting pressure on the political parties to roll out mandatory testing in the Kingaroy hospital emergency rooms.

Diabetes Queensland are calling for testing to be an election commitment with the numbers continually rising for this preventable disease.

In total around 1,967 people are living with Type 2 diabetes and a further 983 have the disease but have not yet been diagnosed.

Diabetes Queensland CEO Michelle Trute says this could have huge benefits for the health sector:

“The quicker and earlier we diagnose people that may be living with diabetes it will help the health system down the track because people aren’t going to be fronting up at the hospital to have amputations or to have kidney dialysis or suffering with stroke and those sorts of things.”

The screening would be part of blood tests taken when people present at Emergency Departments.