Taste Riverina Festival To Be Year-Round!

Food, wine & beer all through the year!

Taste Riverina Festival To Be Year-Round!

The Taste Riverina Festival is coming to an end after six years, branching out of October and taking over the entire calendar!

Yes, you heard that right! This means the Festival is now a year-round celebration of local food, wine, beer and agricultural experiences! 

This new format gives operators and organisations the chance to hold a range of seasonal events and experiences throughout the year. This will mean long lunches in the spring, live music events in the summer, farm forages in the Autumn and cooking classes in the winter! Visitors will have even more opportunities to discover and enjoy the Riverina.

“The food, wine and beer grown and produced in the Riverina is outstanding, the diversity provides the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to learn the stories, taste the produce and experience the region.” said Mr Craig Sinclair, Chair of the Taste Riverina Committee.


Upcoming Taste Riverina events that you can look forward to include:

  • The Country Women’s Association’s “Three-course dinner at the Mangoplah”featuring Wagga Artisanal Meat, with proceeds going to the CWA Uranquinty Evening Branch.
  • The Taste Riverina Heritage Rail Adventure, a four-day escape from Sydney to Griffith sampling food and drink at various locations in the Riverina.
  • The Griffith Spring Fest LINX Launch Party, held amongst the citrus sculptures and featuring special guest Jason Hodges.
  • The Tumbarumba Tastebuds, a combination of award-winning wines, open gardens and a beautiful flower show.
  • The Long Lunch at the Piccolo Family Farm, an afternoon of fantastic food, drink and music in the beautiful Piccolo gardens, catered by Limone Dining.

 For more info, to purchase tickets or to register your own event, you can head to tasteriverina.com.au