Successful Forum In Griffith Identifies Housing Concerns

Encouraging quicker processes

Successful Forum In Griffith Identifies Housing Concerns

The success of a housing forum held on Tuesday night has urged Griffith City Council to investigate ways to improve livability in the city. 

The Griffith Residential Land and Future of Housing Forum saw 60 key industry representatives such as real estate agents, developers, bankers and business chamber in attendance. 

The forum gave Council the opportunity to connect with interested stakeholders to discuss long term solutions for the city.

Mayor John Dal Broi said the forum was helpful in providing Council clear direction.

“What we have established is that there is enough land available, it’s just a matter of developers utilising it,” said Councillor Dal Broi.

“The next step for Council is to look at what we can do to encourage that, such as quicker Development Application turnaround times and talking to utility companies about how we can streamline some of the processes.

“We’ve been told that from the time you make an enquiry, to actually getting a house built can take up to two years and that’s a fair concern. We recognise that’s a lengthy time and we will be looking at how we can help cut that back if at all possible.

“There is a fair bit of work to do, but we are pleased to be talking about these issues and trying to address them. Our aim is to support development and growth in our City.”

The forum involved outlining the Griffith Land Use Strategy, the potential to increase dual occupancy and reducing lot sizes in Griffith for those looking to downsize. 

Councillor Dal Broi was happy with how the forum went.

"It was good to see everyone concerned come together in a positive way to share ideas.

“This has helped Council understand a whole range of issues and we will now do our best to help move things forward. The Land Use Strategy will be reviewed to ensure it remains relevant for current needs.”