Refugees Welcomes With Open Arms In Griffith

Refugee Dinner a success!

Refugees Welcomes With Open Arms In Griffith

Refugees in Griffith have been welcomed with open arms after the community gathered for a special Refugee Week dinner that was held on Thursday, June 21, with guests sharing an array of delicious cultural foods from their homeland.

Around 80 people gathered in Griffith last week and Mayor John Dal Broi reinforced the city’s commitment to being a refugee welcome zone.

“We are happy to welcome more refugees here in Griffith because we know what valuable contributions they make,” said Cr Dal Broi.

“More work needs to be done to ensure we have adequate accommodation and services available here and this is something we are looking closely at.

“I want to thank those who have chosen to live in Griffith, our community is richer for having you here.”

General Manager Brett Stonestreet said the night gave locals  the chance to share their personal stories.

“It was a great night and I thank those who attended. Griffith City Council has been approached to participate in Amnesty International’s My New Neighbour campaign that aims at helping more refugees set up a safe home in local communities,” said Mr Stonestreet.

“We live in a world where people have no option but to flee their homes and countries and rely on the kindness of strangers to help them start again. Refugees and migrants have always made a positive contribution to our community and economy and Council is investigating how we can be part of the My New Neighbour campaign.”

Centacare Southwest, Settlement Grants Worker Joanne Fitzpatrick, said the Griffith City Council gave fantastic support and acknowledgement of refugees in Griffith. 

“I also want to acknowledge the service providers and volunteers who worked hard to make the event a really good evening. There were so many wonderful elements with everyone being so generous bringing things on the night.”