Information Needed About Vandalism of New Griffith Skate Park

Park suffers setback!

Information Needed About Vandalism of New Griffith Skate Park

Griffith Council is seeking information from locals regarding the senseless vandalism which took place at the construction site of the new Skate Park last week. 

Contractors arrived onsite to find vandals had inscribed initials throughout the newly laid concrete.

“One section of a concrete feature was damaged so significantly that it will need to be replaced, costing anywhere up to $5,000 – a direct impact on the ratepayers of Griffith.”

- Council’s Principal Planner, Peter Badenhorst.

“The Contractor has been working long hours to ensure  the skate park is delivered on time and at a high quality for users and this act of vandalism has now not only come at a financial cost, but the delays will mean this long anticipated community facility will experience delays in opening.”

Acts of vandalism are not new to Council, with several facilities including City Park, Ted Scobie Oval and Chandler Park suffering damage at the hands of vandals over the years.  

“Council suffers several incidents each month ranging from theft, to malicious damage and graffiti. The costs associated with these pointless acts are a continued burden on the community.”

- Councillor Dal Broi

“Council has a policy in place (GC-CP-314) which is there to encourage the public to play a role in safeguarding the assets of the community. Under this policy, Council will pay a reward of up to $2,000 to members of the public for information resulting in the conviction against persons damaging Council property – information received will be treated confidentially.”

If any resident saw or heard anything that they believe is suspicious or has information relating to the identity of the culprits, contact local police or call Council on 6962 8100.