New Processes For Harvesters!

Does This Apply For You?

New Processes For Harvesters!

NSW Farmers and Australian Custom Harvesters have teamed up with the NSW Rural Fire Service to develop new voluntary grain harvesting guidelines. These guidelines have been put in place to help farmers and harvesting contractors determine the best and safest harvesting practices. 

Whats New? 

The NSW RFS will no longer issue a Cease Harvest request, instead a Harvest Safety Alert will be broadcast through a number of channels including through the media, the NSW RFS website and social media.

When the alert is issued, those conducting harvesting operations in the specified area will be requested to immediately stop harvesting operations and check the weather conditions against the guide, before deciding whether or not it is safe to continue.

This will allow for more localized weather conditions to be considered to determine whether or not harvesting operations should continue.

For more information CLICK HERE or contact your local fire control centre.