Collina Dog Walkers Rejoice!

Council Have Solved The Problem!

Collina Dog Walkers Rejoice!

Dog lovers Rejoice!

Ever walk your dog and realise at the worst possible time that you can’t find a bin for your doggie bags? Or maybe you went for a run and stepped in a little doggy doo doo 

Well no more! Griffith city council has heard you and are installing Dog waste disposal bins at Collina Oval, meaning you will now have somewhere to put your dogs smelly parcels.  Councillor Rina Mercuri said recently  “While it’s great to be active and utilise these open spaces, it is important that pet owners are mindful of keeping the area clean of dog droppings, hopefully, having these waste disposal units placed around the oval will encourage dog owners to collect and dispose of their pet’s waste responsibly.”


“Maintaining the quality and cleanliness of this valuable public space for the entire community to enjoy is important,” she added. 

In addition to this great news Council are also considering a proposal for a designated off leash area in the Collina area too! More to come on that front….