Riverina Residents Called On To Report Explosive Possession

Six Month Amnesty In Place

Riverina Residents Called On To Report Explosive Possession

NSW Police are calling on residents across the Riverina and the state in possession of explosives or other hazardous material to come forward, without the worry of facing any criminal proceedings.

The amnesty is not the result of any threat, police saying it’s a proactive approach to removing old commercial or other explosives from the community, which can become unstable as they age.

Residents who are in possession of materials such as black powder, nitro-glycerine based explosives, watergel and emulsion explosives, detonating cord or detonators, are being encouraged to call police with details of what they have, and arrangements will be made for collection.

Police say under no circumstances do they want people in the community moving explosives.

Ordinarily, people could be committing offences just by possessing these kinds of explosives, though the amnesty legally protects members of the community against criminal proceedings.