Mechanics In The Riverina Shut Out By Car Manufacturers

New car software making them suffer!

Mechanics In The Riverina Shut Out By Car Manufacturers

Mindy and her husband Jon have own the Ultra Tune on Pearson street, Wagga Wagga for 10 years.

She and her husband employ 4 hardworking local mechanics and they have serviced and repaired thousands of local cars.

Recently however, Mindy and Jon’s business has hit a wall. Newer cars built by large car manufacturers which rely on car software have been dropping off their customer base. 

Their situation is not unique. In fact, this is the norm for many independent mechanics across Australia who are experiencing a drop off of customers forced to use authorised dealers and authorised repairers.

Source: Wagga UltraTune & Pedders Suspension.

Unfortunately, since its introduction only Holden has volunteered its standard servicing information.

The decision by big car manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, Subaru and Nissan effectively allows authorised dealers and preferred repair networks access to their customers while shutting out independent mechanics like Mindy and John.

Toyota is one of the big car manufactures involved.

There are now renewed calls for the Federal government to fix one of the biggest hurdles being faced by independent mechanics in the Riverina off the back of a visit from Duty Labor Senator for the region.

Senator Deborah O'Neill says since the introduction of a voluntary code of practice two years ago only one of the major car manufacturers has allowed independent mechanics access to its standard servicing information.

The decision by the other manufacturers not to do so has effectively shut out independent repairers and Ms O’Neill says despite the government’s promises to fix the issue no action has been taken.