Yet ANOTHER Perth Driver Has Been Caught Eating From A Bowl!

What is wrong with you hungry monsters?

Yet ANOTHER Perth Driver Has Been Caught Eating From A Bowl!

In another case of munchie motorists, a driver has even spotted scooping up some food from a bowl on Perth roads.

The driver was spotted causing along Albany Highway last weekend (passing Cannington Police Station!) when she was spotted by fellow motorist, Romana, who was sitting the passenger’s seat of a car nearby. 

Romana told The West, “I’m not sure what she was eating. I drove past her once and noticed it and then went past again and she was still eating so I thought I’d get a shot of it.

“She wasn’t driving erratically or speeding … but it’s a three-lane highway.”


This story comes just a week after a Perth P-pater was caught eating cereal in the northern suburbs.


In 2016, a truck driver was also caught eating noodles behind the wheel on Kwinana Freeway!

Maybe we should update the slogan to Stop. Snack. Survive?

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