Survivor Recap: Love Is Dead

Producer Jack Reviews Episode 6

Survivor Recap: Love Is Dead

Love Is Dead!!  

The Star Crossed lovers of Australian Survivor were torn apart in tonight's episode and Australia is in morning!! 



Ok so that might not be the case - As likeable as Sam and Mark were (sarcasm), seeing their love ripped at the seems definitely bought more joy than sadness to hearts of the Australian people. 

And that may have something to do with Sam being one of the most annoying people on the island. Although after tonights episode, Tara's very close to taking out that title due to her sooky lala performance from things not going her way. Toughen up lady, that's the name of the game!! 

Henry the fake yoga teacher threw the challenge and worked his magic within the tribe to send Sam home. The evil part of me was hoping it could somehow backfire spectacularly and that he would get blindsided but unfortunately that wasn't to be.



I do hand it to him though for taking a big risk in throwing the challenge and for pulling off the blindside, lets just see what he does next and if he can control these urges he has to play too hard and too fast. 

Some interesting things came out of this episode though! Mark is a crazy person who still thinks he's interrogating wanted terrorists in a war zone. Ken and Jacqui are two of the older castaways and both are really impressing me with their game play, i hope they go far. And Ben is still there which i completely forgot because its 14 days in and he's still only had a total of 2 minutes airtime. Poor Guy! 

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