Qantas Just Dropped Cheap AF Daily Flights To Broome


Qantas Just Dropped Cheap AF Daily Flights To Broome AAP Photos

Qantas has today announced it will soon be trialing daily flights to Broome after an arrangement with the State Government to help boost tourism.

It’s been recorded that over 400,00 Western Australians travel to Bali each year, which is becoming a little bit of a problem for our own economy. 

In an attempt to lure us over to exploring our own backyard (which is usually super expensive to explore), Qantas will be operating the following flights to Broome:

$179 (one-way during off peak season)

$199 (one way during peak season)

We’ve no word yet on fares for return flights.

The flights will be available as part of a 12-month trial, in which 29,400 discounted seats will be up for sale.


Tourism Minister Paul Papalia says:

“The aim of this initiative is to provide affordable fares throughout the year to help stimulate leisure travel to Broome and the Kimberley.

“We hope it will encourage people to escape to Broome for a weekend getaway, or vice versa, or to plan a longer one to two-week stay and it is a higher quality offering than Bali.”

Will you be jumping on this offer or is Bali still your number one getaway destination? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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