Police Shocked After Major Drug Sting

1.1 million dollars worth was seized..

Police Shocked After Major Drug Sting

Police seized large quantities of the drugs

Even our police are shocked by just how easy it is to get drugs at Perth's licensed venues.

"We've been able to buy ecstasy before we've been able to buy beer is probably an example," said Central Metropolitan Police District Superintendent Kim Massam.

Cocaine, meth and MDMA are just some of the illegal substances uncovered after police carried out 40 separate search warrants across the city in the past week, as part of an operation lasting six months.

More than a million dollars worth of drugs was seized and police have labelled it an "alarming drug culture."

"We are very concerned as community leaders that it was far too easy for these drugs to be sold in some of these premises," said Superintendent Kim Massam.

The full list is staggering:

  • 5000 ecstasy tablets and MDMA capsules;
  • 350g of MDMA crystal;
  • 322g of methylamphetamine;
  • 433g cocaine;
  • 938g of cannabis;
  • 250mls of GHB;
  • Small quantities of LSD and DMT:
  • 60 vials of steroids:
  • Large quantity of prescription drugs.

Chemical analysis of some of the drugs found purity was as low as 8 per cent.

What's more staggering is the charges, which police have laid against 56 people including both men and women aged between 18 and 46.

Those people, 14 of whom are accused of supplying a trafficable amount of prohibited drugs, are now facing a combined 156 charges

Police are now vowing to ramp up their overt presence in our entertainment precincts, to stop dealers selling drugs without fear of reprimand.

"I met with key industry leaders from the liquor industry to discuss ways to continue our collaborative work, so we can stop this scourge in our licenced premises," said Supt. Kim Massam.

"It is not acceptable in our community, I believe our mums and dads should be concerned about that."

Written by: @conradical89