Perth Zoo Welcomes Two Adorable Binturongs Bear-Cat Babies

So cute!

Perth Zoo Welcomes Two Adorable Binturongs Bear-Cat Babies Image: Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is celebrating the birth of two baby Binturong, the first of their kind to be bred in the Zoo’s 119 year history.

Also known as Asian bearcats, the young male and female cubs were born in September after mother Selasa and father Rabu arrived to Perth from Singapore Zoological Gardens in 2016.

“It’s very exciting to welcome two rare Binturong cubs, less than 12 months after their parent’s arrival in Australia,” said Perth Zoo Keeper Marty Boland.

“Binturongs are capable of delaying their pregnancy after mating until they feel the environmental conditions are favourable. So it’s great to see that Selasa is feeling secure and content here in WA.”

Weighing just over one kilogram, the new arrivals recently started venturing out of their nest box and exploring their exhibit, they’ve also begun to investigate different foods like bananas.

“Visitors who are unsure of where to catch a glimpse of the Binturong family may smell them first. They are famous for their strong odour which is often likened to popcorn,” said Marty.

Image: Perth Zoo

Binturong are found throughout Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and on Palawan Island but the species are vulnerable to extinction due to habitat destruction and poaching for use in traditional medicines.