Jeremy McGovern Signs 5 Year Deal With West Coast

Great news!

Jeremy McGovern Signs 5 Year Deal With West Coast AAP

Jeremy McGovern has re-signed with West Coast.

McGovern has signed a massive five-year deal to stay at the club, taking him off the table of free agency. 


“It’s good news; I’m just stoked to be staying at the club,” McGovern told the club's website.

“I love the people at the club, the direction the club is taking and it’s exciting to be a part of that.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity the club has given me and it was a gut decision to extend my contract. It would have been nice to have locked it away a bit earlier, but these things take time.

“I’m pleased it is done and now I can focus on the rest of the season. Hopefully my decision puts a few West Coast fans at ease.”

McGovern has played 95 games for West Coast, being named All-Australian twice.

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