Survivor: Locky Reveals All

Producer Jack Reviews Ep 9 with Locky

Survivor: Locky Reveals All

I love to see someone genuinely Pi**ed Off when they get eliminated on Survivor, it shows me they care, and tonight the sour look on Jacqui's face when she was booted off filled my heart with just a tiny little bit of Joy. 

The tribe shake-up screwed her game plan big time and, although i did quite like Jacqui, it was incredible to watch such a swift and hard fall from grace! 



Henry and Ben from Asaga switched places with Tara and Anneliese from Samatua and everything was all shook up. Henry took his idol with him and, in turn, left his alliance with Jacqui dead in the dust behind him. 

My thoughts are that Henry has done alright so far, but I feel he is playing to be remembered rather than actually playing to win, and I think that will come back to bite him on his ass. 

Speaking of ass.... (you're welcome) I checked in with resident work horse/studd Locky to get the lowdown on his game up until this point. 

And If you thought all things were forgiven after the game ends, let me tell you, you're sadly mistaken. Some grudges are still in full flare and I believe the term "A**hole" and "B*tch" were used quite delightfully when describing TWO of his current Samatua tribe mates. 

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