Food Goddess Nigella Lawson Is Coming To Perth!

Mark your calendars!

Food Goddess Nigella Lawson Is Coming To Perth! BBC

She's one of the most successful food writers of all time and now Nigella Lawson is coming to Perth!

The chef, who not only has countless cookbooks, her own cooking show in the U.K. and has appeared on MasterChef Australia multiple times, will be heading to Riverside Theatre in February 2019 for an interactive tour that will involve the audience as much as possible.

You will be able to ask Nigella your own burning cooking questions and she will also be sharing her tips and tricks for creating a functional kitchen. 

Nigella will be taking her tour all around the country and landing in Perth on January 29. 

Tickets for An Evening With Nigella Lawson will go on sale on Monday October 29, so save your pennies!

For all the dates and to book tickets head here

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