Five Old School Fads That We Were Obsessed With

Your primary school faves!

Five Old School Fads That We Were Obsessed With

Kids today are obsessed with Fidget Spinners - but back in our day we had plenty of weird obsessions!

We're celebrating all things OLD SCHOOL here at the station, all because we're hosting the old school party to end all parties, at the new Paramount in Northbridge.

These were the old school fads that took over our primary schools in the 90s and early 2000s.


An absolute classic, it seems that yoyos emerge briefly in the primary school playgrounds of every generation before promptly disappearing for another decade.



Back in the day your ultimate aim in life was to get an album filled with Tazos, but your dreams could be so easily shattered by your parents refusing to buy extra bags of chips.



Gameboy games, TV show merchandise, Pokemon cards, illegal copies of the movie on VHS - Pokemon was everything in the late 90s and early 2000s.



There was no worse feeling than the first time your Tamagotchi died... which probably coincided with Tamagotchis getting banned from your school.



"Want to come over to my house and make Scoobies?" Being good at Scoobies made you the king of your primary school.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

If you love Old School as much as us, you'll want to join Heidi, Will and Woody at our Old School Party at the New Paramount.

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