Excuse Us, But You Need To See This Amazing Ice Cream Sandwich!

Down at The Hummus Club!

Excuse Us, But You Need To See This Amazing Ice Cream Sandwich! The Hummus Club Facebook

If you're someone who enjoys a spot of ice cream after a nice meal and maybe, some delicious baklava, be prepared to have all of your dessert dreams come true.

The Hummus Club has come through with a spectacular ice cream sandwich that will haunt your dreams until you try it and even then, it may haunt your dreams long after that because you enjoyed it that much!

The dessert is created by placing banana macadamia ice cream on top of a piece of baklava, drizzling some caramel over it, placing another piece of baklava on top and then, finishing it off with just another drizzle of caramel.


The dessert is currently available to ingest at The Hummus Club and it will only be around until they think of another tasty dish to replace it with, so you better get down there quick smart to put this wonderful creation in your deserving belly!

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