Dog Stabbed While Protecting Pregnant Woman

Man charged with animal cruelty

Dog Stabbed While Protecting Pregnant Woman Nine News

A loyal pet dog is expected to survive after being stabbed while protecting a pregnant woman during a neighbourhood dispute.

Police were called to Rason Place, Redcliffe at approximately 2am on Saturday.

They found two-year-old ‘Bullet’ with injuries to his head, shoulder and abdomen.

The dog was rushed to the vet for emergency treatment and is currently in a stable condition.

It’s alleged the dog’s attacker, a 39-year-old man, was looking after it at the time the owner's friend, a pregnant woman, came by to pick up ‘Bullet’ when tensions erupted.

The 39-year-old man then supposedly pushed and threatened the woman with two knives.

While the dog defended the pregnant woman, it was stabbed multiple times and collapsed near a tree.

The man has been charged with animal cruelty, being armed, and with breach of bail.

He was refused bail in court and is due to appear again next month.