Dog Dies After Being Locked In Hot Car 'For Hours'

'Rest easy big boy'

Dog Dies After Being Locked In Hot Car 'For Hours' Amy Middleton Facebook

In sad news, another pet has died after being trapped in a hot car during yesterday's heat.

Several passers-by tried to save the dog, believed to be a mastiff, which was trapped in a Holden Astra near Perth with a chain around its neck.

Local woman Amy Middleton posted about the incident on Facebook, describing it as a 'gut wrenching' experience.

The temperature was in the 30s in Perth yesterday, and it is understood that the car was packed full of possessions, further adding to the heat.

Once they were able to get into the car, the dog was carried to the shade and attempts were made to help the pet recover.

A vet nurse who was passing by also attempted CPR, but unfortunately the dog passed away.

Today we experienced one of the most gut wrenching situations that not even my worst enemy should have to go through, we watched an innocent animal lose its life to no other but a human beings fault. The human that, that dog would have loved the most in this world. THEIR OWN OWNER!!! But a human so selfish to lock a dog of a type of mastiff breed, a big boy! In a tiny Holden Astra, all windows up and that was completely full to the roof with junk in the warm weather of today! This innocent dog lost his life because this f*cked up world is still full of people that don’t understand that YOU CANT LOCK A DOG IN A CAR!! Not for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and especially.. ESPECIALLY NOT FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE DAY!! Everything and I mean everything possible was done to try keep this animal alive! A group of strangers came together as a team, one man carrying him from the car to somewhere cooler so a woman who pulled up as well to help (and happened to be a vet nurse) preformed cpr, everyone did what they could but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough, we lost him and everyone there at that moment was beyond sorry to that animal! We were all utterly heartbroken and angry that anyone could do this!!! Only for the owner to return, lie and blame everything around him instead of stepping up and taking responsibility of an irresponsible, absolutely disgusting decision he made all by himself. I just have one question for him. Would you leave a baby in a car? How is a dog any different in that situation? They aren’t able to let themselves out, instead they suffer and in some cases like this, they lose their lives. People need to start thinking a lot more when it comes to their animals! A pet loves you unconditionally and wants nothing but the same in return, if you can’t give them that then don’t own an animal! It’s pretty simple. Rest easy big boy, you didn’t deserve this & I hope you know how much that group of strangers loved you for that short time & will care for a life time. 💙

- Amy Middleton Facebook

This comes just weeks after several incidents across Australia, and comes as another sad reminder to never leave pets or children unattended in a vehicle.