Direct Flights From Perth to Hawaii Are Officially On The Cards!

This needs to happen!

Direct Flights From Perth to Hawaii Are Officially On The Cards!

Good news everyone: we are officially one step closer to scoring non-stop flights from Perth to Hawaii!

Hawaiian Airlines is currently considering the direct flights after purchasing the mammoth Boeing 787-9 planes yesterday.

Whilst listing the distances the plane could travel from Honolulu, the airline president and chief executive, Peter Ingram, mentions that destinations “such as Perth were certainly options”.

“The Dreamliner’s excellent fuel efficiency makes the 787-9 an ideal choice for Hawaiian’s long-haul Asia/Pacific and North America routes,” he added.


The Boeing 787 is the same aircraft model Qantas will be using for their direct flights from Perth to London on March 24th.

It seems this action is thankfully becoming a trend, with China Eastern set to launch direct flights from Perth to Shanghai this year, as well as, Japan Airlines which is rumoured to be introducing direct flights to Tokyo.

Will these flights increase your likeliness to travel to Hawaii? Where do you want to see direct flights take you next? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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