Counting Down West Coast's 5 Best Games At Subiaco Oval

All ends this weekend

Counting Down West Coast's 5 Best Games At Subiaco Oval Getty

Well, last week we celebrated the 5 best Dockers games at Subiaco, and now, we've asked around the office and these were the most popular responses for most memorable West Coast games at Domain Stadium.

After all, this Sunday marks the very last AFL game for the West Coast Eagles at Subiaco Oval.

Without further ado, here are the 5 most memorable games, in our eyes.

1. The Very First Game

After all the build up, all the hype, the team from the west burst onto the scene in their first (then VFL) game against Richmond.

WA was excited... this was State Of Origin, every week.



What made this game so memorable was not only because it was the first one, but because it saw a remarkable West Coast comeback in the last quarter. West Coast fought back from a 33 point deficit at 3/4 quarter time to win by 14 points.


2. The First Western Derby

Speaking of hype, no-one knew what to expect when West Coast played the news kids on the #Perth block for the first time in May, 1995.

The Dockers, under Gerard Neesham, were unpredictable and showed some signs that they could match it with the big boys.

What happened was a complete obliteration by the Eagles. So much so, they called it the 'Mother's Day Massacre'. Any game where you lose by 85 points will no doubt earn that title.



3. The Infamous Final

It may seem weird to feature a game where West Coast didn't actually win, but THAT final against Sydney in 2006 just has to feature.

Mainly, for this reason.



It was footy at its passionate best. Sydney eventually won by ONE measly point, 85-84.

Why we think it rates so highly is because, amazingly, three weeks later, West Coast exacted revenge against Sydney at the big dance, winning by ONE measly point. The scoreline... 85-84.


4. The Cousins Comeback

Sadly, it's no secret that Ben Cousins has had a major fall from grace. We don't need to go into that.

But, there was a time where he was West Coast's favourite son, and when he played his comeback game from that stint in a US drug rehabilitation clinic and five months away from the sport, he absolutely dominated.

Best afield if you don't mind, with 28 touches against West Coast's arch-nemesis, Sydney.

The parochial West Coast crowd couldn't help but give their Ben a standing ovation. Stirring stuff.



5. Nic Nat!!!

We have no words. Four points down, 30 seconds to go.

Just watch.



Written by: @dantheinternut