Artists You Must (MUST) See Live

Like, actually MUST see ASAP

Artists You Must (MUST) See Live Image courtesy of Ch 7's coverage of the Super Bowl

Whether you're having an epic time at a festival or at the gig of a lifetime, we want you to stay safe. Become drug aware here.


Everyone has a list of performers they want to see in their lifetime. Which artists are at the top of yours? 

If our faves below aren't on yours, make sure you add them and grab tix to their next gig ASAP! In the meantime, YouTube all of their performances (AMAs, sport, docos).

Let us know if we missed anyone!


Lady Gaga

This chick knows how to put on a live show and she knows how to sing live - basically everything you need when it comes to a live gig.








O.M.G. If you saw her on tour early last year, you need to snap up tix as soon as they go on sale for her next lot of shows (we don't know when that will be).

She's a brilliant singer with the best personality. It has to be one of the most fun gigs you could ever go to.




She's pretty much the best. We caught every show when she popped over here late last year and we'll do everything we can to be at all of her next gigs!



Vance Joy

He's hot, can sing and is an Aussie boy. We love that he became known world-wide thanks to Swifty. If you loved him as support for Taylor, you need to see him in his own show cos be's amazing.



Bon Iver

At a Bon Iver show, you'll see music performed like you've never seen before - like a million instruments on stage at once.



They're just a few of our faves. Let us know who's on your list!


Please look after yourself and your mates at your next gig, especially during festival season. One of the best ways to do that is to arm yourself with everything to get to the end of each event safely, including being drug aware. Find all the info here.