Suspected Chickenpox Case At Maitland Pool

There's a couple of symptoms.

Suspected Chickenpox Case At Maitland Pool

Maitland Council has issued a chicken pox alert after someone with a suspected case visited the local public pool recently. 

Anyone who's visited the facility and has come down with a slight fever, runny nose or has developed an itchy skin rash should see a doctor ASAP. 

Here's the full statement from Maitland Council:

Council has been made aware of a suspected case of chickenpox at the Maitland Pool Facility.

Anyone with the following symptoms should see a doctor as soon as possible:

- Onset of slight fever, runny nose, and feeling generally unwell.
- An itchy skin rash which usually appears as small lumps, turns into blisters and then scabs over a three to four day period.

An individual with chickenpox is contagious from the beginning of the illness (up to 2 days before the spots appear) until about 5 days after the first spots appear.

Early in the illness, the virus is spread by coughing / sneezing. Later in the illness, the virus is spread by direct contact with the fluid in the blisters.

People with chickenpox should avoid others until at least five days after onset of the rash and up until all the blisters have dried. People with chickenpox should cover the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, dispose of soiled tissues, wash their hands well and not share eating utensils, food or drinking cups.

People with a past history of chickenpox and are vaccinated against the virus are less likely to contract same.

Anyone who has not had chickenpox or been vaccinated in the past can get chickenpox. In particular, pregnant women, newborn babies and people with a weakened immune system should avoid anyone with chickenpox and should see their doctor immediately if they have been around someone with this virus.

A person diagnosed with chickenpox should rest as much as possible and avoid contact with other until no longer infected.