Squirrel Gliders Love Lake Macquarie!

Results are in on a new study...

Squirrel Gliders Love Lake Macquarie!

Turns out one of Australia's cutest marsupials is thriving in Lake Macquarie.

According to a ongoing study which began in 2015, the squirrel glider population has strong numbers around Tingira Heights, Rankin Park, Rathmines, Morisset and Sunshine.

While their numbers are the most abundant at Glenrock State Conservation area, as they like the mix of dry and wet forests there.

Researcher Associate Professor John Clulow believes Lake Macqaurie's bush corridors provide important links for the squirrel gliders to travel.

"Especially as we are finding they're disappearing from smaller, isolate areas of bush - particularly patches less than 20-30ha", Clulow said.

Lake Macquarie City Council is also monitoring these marsupials to gauge whether the M1 is acting as a barrier to their east-west movement patterns, but the little guys seem to be doing well.

Squirrel gliders are listed as vulnerable species in NSW.