Someone In Newcastle Owns More Than 300 Guns

It's got the Greens worried.

Someone In Newcastle Owns More Than 300 Guns

It's been revealed the person who owns the second biggest amount of guns in NSW lives in Newcastle.

New figures released by the Greens show an individual from the 2285 postcode - which includes both Cardiff and Edgeworth - has a private arsenal of 310 firearms.

Spokesperson David Shoebridge says there's no good reason for someone to own hundreds of guns, and he fears the firearms could end up in the wrong hands.

"The total number of guns in NSW has jumped by 65,000 in just two years."

"There are now over 900,000 registered guns across the state and the North Coast has just over 50,000."

"Fewer households own guns, but ownership has become more concentrated."

"It is inevitable that some of these private arsenals will end up in the hands of criminals."

"Just last week 15 guns were stolen from a property in Hunter."

"If this trend is allowed to continue NSW will have over one million registered guns within another two years."

You can check out the data here.