REVEALED: New Look For Civic Station

Work could start by the end of the year

REVEALED: New Look For Civic Station

Newcastle's old Civic train station is getting a new lease of life..

Plans have been unveiled by Revitalising Newcastle to turn the site into an attractive public domain, transforming the existing building into a cafe, while adding plenty of green space.

It'll also be opened up to provide better access between Hunter Street and Honeysuckle.

“We have worked hard to consider how people will use this space into the future; it will be an active hub with a Light Rail stop, thriving university, local Museum and waterfront destination all within immediate proximity," Program Director Michael Cassel said.

“Getting this right is important for the city,” said Mr Cassel.

The DA lodged with Newcastle City Council also proposes the re-interpretation of the former footbridge into the public domain design.

“The heritage experts and landscape architects have designed a way to celebrate the heritage of the footbridge, while also allowing the space to better connect the future university areas and the waterfront."

Construction could start by the end of the year, with the new public domain to open in the first half of 2019.