Pelican Marina - 12 Months On

The prime land still sits vacant

Pelican Marina - 12 Months On

Today marks 12 months since the Pelican Marina spectacularly collapsed into Lake Macquarie.

Sadly since then, not much has happened to the prime piece of land.

Part of the building, including the popular Milano's on the Lake restaurant, became submerged in the water on February 8, 2016 when pylons under the marina gave way.

THEN: Booms were set up following the Marina's collapse on February 8, 2016

THEN: Incredibly no one was hurt when the building collapsed

The entire site, which is on Crown Land, was later demolished.

The site was cleared and has remained fenced off to the public ever since.

An Aboriginal Land Claim was made on the site last year, which remains unresolved.

Swansea MP Yasmin Catley says she's disappointed by the state government's inaction on the site.

"A year has passed, and the government has done absolutely nothing. They did nothing before the collapse, even though they were very aware...there were structural problems there," said said.

"Since then, they've sat on their hands and done nothing."

Ms Catley says locals are crying out for something to be done with the lakefront location.

"Residents want something the community can use. Lots of people liked that they could go and have a coffee there," she said.

"It's the gateway to Lake Macquarie."

NOW: The site where the Pelican Marina once stood remains vacant

NOW: Fences remain in place around the site.