High Tide Traps Swimmers In Sea Cave

They were rescued by surf lifesavers..

High Tide Traps Swimmers In Sea Cave Caves Beach Surf Lifesaving Club

A trip to Caves Beach has almost ended in disaster for a group of swimmers.

The five young men aged 15 to 30, believed to be from a church group, entered the water at nearby Pinnys Beach at 12pm yesterday afternoon to swim to a sea cave.

However once they got inside the cave, they became stuck by the incoming tide, while daylight was quickly fading.

One of the men used a boogie board to get out of the cave, climb a cliff and raise the alarm.

A search operation began involving police, paramedics, surf lifesavers and firefighters.

Caves Beach surf lifesavers used an inflatable rescue boat and jet ski to locate the group, and took them back to safety.

The men were checked over by paramedics.