Bravery Medals For Newcastle Hero Cops

A big honour.

Bravery Medals For Newcastle Hero Cops

Two Newcastle police officers have been recognised for their bravery, after the pair stopped a drug-affected woman who tried to blow up a service station in Sandgate back in 2015.

Senior Constables Craig Smith and Brendan McDonald were called to the Metro on Maitland Road following reports a woman had approached a petrol bowser and attempted to light the fuel coming out of the nozzle with a cigarette lighter.

Fortunately the service station attendant hit the emergency stop button, which halted the flow of petrol and locked the employee and several others inside of the station.

The officers arrived and the woman began threatening to spray ignited fuel at the pair.

Police eventually managed to subdue the woman after she violently resisted arrest.

The Governor will present the pair with Royal Humane Society Bravery Awards at a special ceremony in Sydney today.