BIN CHANGES: 97% Of Lake Mac Doing The Right Thing

Two green thumbs up!

BIN CHANGES: 97% Of Lake Mac Doing The Right Thing Lake Macquarie City Council

The first report card is in on Lake Macquarie's new bin system and it turns out 97 per cent of households are doing well when it comes to taking care of their green waste.

In the first two weeks alone it's estimated around 1,000 tonnes of food and garden waste have been diverted from ending up in landfill.

Lake Macquarie City Council Manager of Sustainability, Dr Alice Howe is pleased so many many Lake Mac residents are embracing the move.

“This is a fantastic result, particularly so soon after the switch to this new system,” Dr Howe said.

Under the new rules food scraps can be thrown in the green bins which are now being collected weekly, which has resulted in a 14 per cent increase in use.

On average around 43,247 green bins were placed out for collection in the first two weeks – up from 31,900 the previous fortnight.

Dr Howe said the three per cent contamination of household green bins was well within expectations.

Plastic bags were by far the most common type of contamination.