You Can Get A Random To Bid On Your Kid For Babysitting

Nanny groups outraged by online ads

You Can Get A Random To Bid On Your Kid For Babysitting

Images: Instagram / Airtasker / Australian Nanny Association

This App has some parents and care groups fired up!

Airtasker is allowing parents to auction off baby-sitting care for their kids.

It's been slammed as risky and potentially criminal, with the Australian Nanny Association saying there are serious concerns for the safety of children who could be cared for people with no experience or someone with a criminal history.



Airtasker allows users to post jobs for everything from cleaning to assembling furniture and now, babysitting but the Nanny Assoc. has emailed the site's operators asking them to reconsider.


Airtasker co-founder Tim Fung says they are allowing people to be responsible for their own work.

"If you look at the way people hired babysitters before and the trust signals people relied upon, I would question whether they are more reliable than user reviews are," Mr Fung told the Sydney Morning Herald.

He's confirmed the site will continue to allow users to post babysitting services, confirming they have created a police badge so users can add a police verification check to their profiles.

Airtasker user Ajay from New South Wales posted last week: "I have three girls aged 5/6/10 and need someone to watch them tomorrow night".

Airtaskers bid on the job and Ajay assigned it to one person for $75 for three hours.

But president of the Australian Nanny Association Annemarie Sansom says they have reached out to Airtasker, "we are very concerned there are no child safety measures in place whatsoever for screening and vetting of people who might be taking care of children".



Ms Sansom believes Airtasker may not be the best platform for this kind of service, adding her concerns about the safety of those performing the tasks and responding to advertisements.

"If there are genuine babysitters going out there, I question the vulnerability of that aswell, you know who is actually checking that these are legitimate people who actually have a child, it could be a young girl going out there to do babysitting and find that it's not actually a babysitting job," Ms Sansom says.