You Can Buy Happiness, Study Finds

But not how you might think!

You Can Buy Happiness, Study Finds


So turns out... Money does buy you happiness!

But before you go do this... 

You may wanna read on.

It's not material goods that makes people happier, according to a new study.

It's about people who spend their money to save themselves more time! 

People who spend their cash on things like housekeeping, ubers and taxis or delivery services are happier than those who spend their money on material items, according to the research.

Researchers surveyed over 6000 people in four countries, giving them $50 for two weeks.

One week, they had to buy something material like a shirt, the next week they paid to save themselves time.

People said they felt happier after saving time than buying stuff.

spend your hard earned dollars on the stuff you don't wanna do! (Pic: Getty) 

"The right way is paying someone else to do the time-consuming drudge work that you don't like", said study lead author Ashley Whillans at the Harvard Business School.

"When people do that, they report feeling greater life satisfaction in general and happier that day. But when they buy material objects, it tends not to bring people the happiness they expect", she said.

The data suggests whether you're rich or poor, spending money to save time seems to make people happier.