Why More and More Mums Are Battling Depression And Anxiety

You're not alone

Why More and More Mums Are Battling Depression And Anxiety Pexels

More and more Aussie women who are pregnant or have given birth, are battling depression and or anxiety.

Shocking research also shows 1 in 10 of callers to a national helpline are at serious risk of self- harm or suicide.

Post and antenatal depression and anxiety affects around 100,000 Aussie families every year and this week (12th - 18th November) we are raising awareness about it, encouraging both men and women to start open and honest conversations about a serious and common illness. 

PANDA has told the HIT Network that parents feel increased pressure as a result of the perceptions of parenting portrayed on social media, when the reality is very different.

The stigma attached to not being the perfect, prepared and organised parent leaves many delaying or not seeking help.

PANDA - a specialist not for profit organisation - operates a National Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Helpline for families, saying it gets 1 in 2 calls from people who are completely blindsided by the unexpected challenged of parenthood.


New 2016/17 stats from PANDA:

 - More than 40% of callers would have slipped through the cracks without the National Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Helpline. 

- 75% of callers haven’t discussed their emotional and mental health issues with their GP, even at a time when a couple are in contact with more doctors and medical professionals than they are likely to experience at any other time.

- 1 in 10 callers are at serious risk of self-harm or suicide, with perinatal anxiety and depression having the potential to reach far beyond panic attacks and emotional breakdowns.

- More than 50% of callers are waiting more than four weeks to reach out and seek help, despite it being recommended within two weeks of experiencing symptoms or illness.

Listen to Panda CEO Terri Smith's thoughts on mental health and motherhood: