Warning Over Popular Squishies Toys Due To Toxic Chemicals

Do your kids have these?

Warning Over Popular Squishies Toys Due To Toxic Chemicals YouTube

Australian regulators are investigating popular kids’ toy “Squishies” after a Danish investigation found similar products contained toxic chemicals.

Squishies are a popular kids toy similar to a stress ball. 

The results of the investigation led to products being removed from shops and parents being urged to throw the toys out.

Now regulators in Western Australia and South Australia have confirmed to the ABC they are investigating the toys.

Sarah Agar, head of campaigns and policy at Choice, said they were looking forward to seeing the results of these tests.

“Parents are very worried that these squishies may be dangerous – we just don’t know if they are or not. We know that the Denmark government have found squishies sold overseas have high levels of toxic chemicals but we’re not sure if it’s the same case here.” 

“Any parents who are worried should remove the squishies from their kids’ bedrooms and their homes – particularly if they are damaged or have a strong chemical scent.”