Viral Farmer Says Supermarket Milk Levy Just Isn't Enough

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Dairy farmers say a 10-cent-a-litre levy on some milk sales at Coles and Woolies just isn't enough to help farmers battling drought .

The supermarkets announced the temporary levy on their three-litre generic milk yesterday, raising the price from $3 to $3.30, with the extra money given to drought-stricken producers.

Woolworths' levy will apply until mid-October, when it plans to introduce a special drought relief range of milk at $1.10 per litre in Queensland, NSW, ACT and Victoria, with funds going to farmers in those states.

Coles will increase the price of its 3-litre branded milk until the end of the year. 

But Shane Hickey, the dairy farmer who's video pleading for supermarkets to do the right thing went viral, says it's mostly a publicity stunt, and more needs to be done across other brands.

He spoke to the Hit network this morning, listen now: