Uber To Ban Passengers With Bad Ratings

New rules

Uber To Ban Passengers With Bad Ratings

Uber has announced some changes to their Community Guidelines, which will see riders with low ratings banned from using the app.

The changes, which will roll out on September 19, will see riders with a four star or lower rating kicked off the app if behaviour does not improve.

There are several warning emails which will be sent to users who have a dip in their rating, with a six month ban on the cards if the situation does not improve.

According to an Uber representative, the majority of Uber passengers have a rating of 4.5 stars or higher, so they don't believe that the bar has been set too high.

We've updated our Community Guidelines to make the rules clearer, and make it easier to understand which behaviours could lead to loss of access to the app. We're introducing new rider star rating requirements, which may lead to deactivation. These conditions have been set out in our updated Community Guidelines and will take affect from 19 September 2018. The community Guidelines have also been updated with regards to discrimination; in particular, we have clarified how discriminatory behaviour by way of refusal to provide services can lead to deactivation of a driver's account.

- Uber statement

Some of the behaviours that have been identified, which include requesting drivers to pick-up in no stopping zones, not saying 'hello' or 'goodbye', slamming the door and leaving rubbish in the car.