This Technology Will Help You Design Your Dream Home

Walk through!

This Technology Will Help You Design Your Dream Home

Revolutionary technology now means you can walk through your house before it's even built.

Gone are the days of discovering moments after your dream home is built that the fridge opens the wrong way or glare on the television is too much to bare.

A Sydney company has found a unique way to show your house plans before a brick is laid, with Lifesize Plans developing the technology for the blueprint to be projected on the floor.

The one-to-one scale projection is cast at the warehouse, complete with furniture props, so you can sort out any dramas that may arise during construction.

There are 12 projectors attached to the warehouse ceiling, with it predicted to shave two months off the building process simply because the design 'comes to life' and issues such as lack of garage space to open car doors become apparent before any major incidents.