Thermomix Fined $4.6 Million After Severe Burns Reported

Some users had serious injuries

Thermomix Fined $4.6 Million After Severe Burns Reported

Thermomix has been fined $4.6 million after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took action following nine instances of people sustaining severe burns from the product.

Federal Court judge Bernard Murphy found that the company had failed to inform the government that its products had caused serious burns, and it was dangerous not to tell customers about the risk.

"This is a serious contravention of the act. A large number of consumers were exposed to the risk of serious burns," Justice Murphy said.

A Thermomix cooking device costs approximately $2000, with more than 9000 sold in 2014 despite being aware that the product could inflict injury.

It is understood that an issue with the lid on the mixing bowl has resulted in more than 70 Australians suffering injuries ranging in severity.

At issue was also the fact that a press release was issued in 2014 proclaiming the product's safety and denying that there was a recall.

These statements were false.