The Top 10 Suburbs In Adelaide Have Been Revealed

Where does yours come in?

The Top 10 Suburbs In Adelaide Have Been Revealed

Do you rate your suburb as a good place to live, work or play? Adelaide's top ten suburbs for just that has been revealed. 

A CityPulse Adelaide study uses home affordability, crime rates and job accessibility as some of their thirty-five measures to rank the areas. 

The most livable was Plympton followed by Richmond with Paradise/Newton taking out third place. While the city was unsurprisingly number one for work, Toorak Gardens was second and a close third for Windsor Gardens. The CBD also took the gold for most playable area, with Richmond silver and Goodwood/Millswood bronze. 

The top ten suburbs are unique for Australian capital cities as they're close to the CBD and less expensive than inner-city areas in other states. 

See if your suburb has made one of the lists below.


1. Plympton

2. Richmond (SA)

3. Paradise - Newtown

4. Windsor Gardens

5. Goodwood - Millswood

6. Unley - Parkside

=7. Prospect

=7. Northgate - Oakden - Gilles Plains

=9. North Adelaide

=9. Norwood (SA)



1. Adelaide

2. Toorak Gardens

3. Windsor Gardens

4. Richmond (SA)

5. Plympton

=6. Unley - Parkside

=6. Mawson Lakes- Globe Derby Park

=8. Goodwood - Millswood

=8. Mitcham (SA)

=10. North Adelaide

=10. Glenelg (SA)


1. Adelaide

2. Richmond (SA)

3. Goodwood - Millswood

4. Plympton

5. North Adelaide

=6. Toorak Gardens

=6. Unley - Parkside

=6. Windsor Gardens

=9. Payneham - Felixstow

=9. St Peters - Marden

=9. Mitcham (SA)