The Royal Family Is Prepping For Their First Same-Sex Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing again!

The Royal Family Is Prepping For Their First Same-Sex Wedding AAP Photos

Crowds shouting “yaaas queen” have never been more appropriate than right now, because the British Royal Family are officially set for another history event: the family’s first ever same-sex wedding!

Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten and his partner James Coyle have announced they will be getting married!

However, this will not be Lord Mountbatten’s first wedding. To make things even cuter, Lord Mountbatten’s ex wife, Penny, who he shares three daughters with, will be walking him down the aisle.

"Ivar is so much more relaxed these days,” Penny told The Daily Mail

“He's so much kinder. He's become a great cook… He probably wasn't even aware that by keeping his sexuality a secret, it was really quite tormenting him. Now it's 'out' he's a completely different person. Everybody says they've never seen him happier.”


Lord Mountbatten said his first wedding was the best day of his life, and although this time around he has opted out of many wedding traditions, such as the first dance and wedding cake, he has confirmed there will be cheese!

Royal followers may be disappointed to hear that majority of the Royal family won’t be able to attend, as the wedding will be a very small event coming up fast.

Sadly they can't come to the wedding. Their diaries are arranged months in advance and they're not around, but they adore James. Everyone adores him,” Penny reassured.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten was the first member of the royal family to come out as gay back in 2016.

“All my good friends have accepted James,” he said. “I basically told everyone: 'I've found somebody — it's a bloke.’”

Congratulations to another happy royal couple! 

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