The Internet Will Be Switched Off In Bali This Weekend

The Best Place To Relax On Saturday

The Internet Will Be Switched Off In Bali This Weekend Instagram/pantai_indah_paseban

Imagine the serenity of an entire day of relaxation, away from all our electronic devices. Imagine if that day was even enforced by the government. That's exactly the peace residents on the island of Bali have to look forward to this weekend.

This Saturday is Bali's annual "Day of Silence", otherwise known as Nyepi. The public holiday is so sacred on the predominantly Hindu island that even reaching for a phone could cause offence, so the government is making them useless for the day.

All telecommunications companies have agreed to switch off internet services for a 24 hour period. That means no facebook, instagram or even a cheeky tweet.

Every public place is deserted, with the aim of minimising the human footprint on nature. Beaches are closed, even the airport, and only emergency services will be at work. Everyone is supposed to stay home, not use any electricity, and use their time for reflection.