Study Finds Connection Between Hair Dye And Breast Cancer

More research needed

Study Finds Connection Between Hair Dye And Breast Cancer

A new study which found women who regularly dye their hair dark have a higher risk of cancer needs more research.

The findings came out of a study published in the journal Carcinogenesis.

4000 women were included in the study which found significant increases in  breast cancer risk among black women who used dark shades of hair dye and white women who used chemical relaxers. Nearly 2280 of the women involved were breast cancer survivors.

The study found white women who used chemical relaxers had a 74 per cent increased risk of breast cancer, compared to those who did not, and black women who reported using dark hair dye had a 51 per cent increased risk.

For white women who did both — used dark hair dye regularly and chemically straightened their hair, the breast cancer risk was even greater.

But while the study’s findings  “support a relationship between the use of some hair products and breast cancer”, researchers admitted further research was necessary.

“Further examinations of hair products as important exposures contributing to breast cancer carcinogenesis are necessary.’’